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What does 'CC' mean?

CC in this case means Compact Coupe. In the automotive industry this designation, however, may also refer to the Compact Cabrio (eg. Renault Megane CC) in case of the car’s body (like here). However, in most cases cc in the automotive industry means just cubic centimeter and it mostly relates to the engine capacity, never to the model name.

Volkswagen CC rear led lampSource of above image (2015-07-01)

Model history

Volkswagen CC made its debut as the VW Passat CC in 2008. Its chassis base was taken from another VW model - Passat B6. In 2012, Passat CC has undergone facelift, which changed the car to look more sporty and adding a bit of aggression. A significant change were the headlights, which were equipped with daytime lights using LED technology.

Volkswagen CC day light and rimSource of above image (2015-06-01)

What in future?

Recently (at the end of 2014) the new Volkswagen Passat B8 has made its debut. According to various sources, the new CC is to appear around 2016. As you can see in the picture below the vehicle interior promises to be really impressive.

Volkswagen CC 2016 interiorSource of above image (2015-06-01)